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What is The Blood of the Empire?

For seven years the galaxy has burned. With billions dead—the Pulsarian Empire continues its brutal march across the stars. From author, Xavier Leggett, comes the hard-hitting science fiction novel, The Blood of the Empire. Against this brutal backdrop, the story follows the adventures of three friends, struggling to survive the carnage, working together to put an end to the war—that is, if they don’t kill each other first. There’s Dannen, the human, searching new reserves of courage as he faces a treacherous enemy. N’ckshell, a Dracterian who kills without mercy, no matter whose side she’s on. Rook, who hones his field craft on a knife’s edge—From devastated desert worlds, to the cramped cockpits of space superiority fighters vying for control of the heavens, to a frozen hell where death waits around every corner, The Blood of the Empire, puts you at the heart of the action.


NOTES: This site is brimming with all things, The Blood of the Empire (BOE)—behind the scenes details that highlight many, but not all, of the creative efforts that went into the making of the novel and what it is to be a writer. To the left you’ll find quick character profiles, pictures of planets, star system data, etc. To the right you’ll find links to where you can find news and information (Facebook) free preview editions, links where to purchase the full novel, when it becomes available and more.






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