Massive jpeg for Page two of The Blood of the empire characters.  The image show N'ckshell Slayton along with a list of characters that can be accessed from this page. Link to the C'riss Slayton bio page Link to the Katyusha biopage Link to Starjax's biopage Quick link back to page 1 of Characters, the characters mainpage. Link to Inside The Blood of the EMpire content page Back to the home page or what I call MAINBASE. Link to the top of this Characters page two. Link to the gallery page. Link to the Supreme allied commander Link to that criminal scum, Logan Kiasar. Link to General Pendergon Link will take you to Colonel Blake Zears the commander of the Asteroid interceptor squadron. Link to Wing Commander Irene Bvross. Link to Ranger Squadron Flight leader Helen Lange. Link to the infamous weapons expert Darkangar. Link to that mad genius Hieterdetti. Link to the Pulsarian Ace. Link to Admiral Walthersen. Link to Ranger Squadron Flight leader Wilson Stratamore. Link to Varxbane Link to Claude Link to Escardier Petti's page.